Fighting Internet Porn

Over the next week or two I'll be posting seven tips for fighting internet pornography. This material is taken from Sex is Not the Problem (Lust is) a book I wrote out of my own struggle against lust and the hope and power I've found in the gospel. The book is for both men and women, and if you battle lust (online or otherwise) I hope God will use it to encourage you.

The following is something I wrote to more specifically address the temptations that we face in our internet age. There's nothing necessarily ground breaking here, but I hope these reminders will strengthen your resolve to flee sexual sin online.

PURITY DOWNLOAD: Seven Tips for Fighting Internet Porn

The Internet is a wonderful tool. We can use it to work, to study, to play, even to share the gospel with people in other parts of the world. But if you and I aren't careful it can become a door to great sin and spiritual ruin. Christian men and women, church leaders included, have fallen prey to the temptations of lust on-line. Whether it's illicit relationships in chat rooms, immoral blog content, or pornographic sites, the invitation to sin is especially dangerous because the internet is so accessible, and what we see and do there is so easily hidden from others. But God sees all our sin. And impurity of any kind will always lead to heartache and regret. Whether or not this is a current area of temptation for you, the following seven tips will equip you to honor God on-line.

1. Identify what's leading up to lustful indulgence on the Internet.
For most people, sin on-line is preceded by compromise in areas such as their fantasies, television viewing, or reading material. It might seem like sexual sin on-line "comes out of nowhere," but it's often something we build up to through disobedience in other areas. Prayerfully consider where you can be fighting the little battles more diligently so you can avoid the big ones.

The next six "tips" will be posted in the coming days. Feel free to post comments on how this specific strategy could help you or how you have already applied it in your own life.

Please note: because of the nature of this subject please use caution in the specifics of what you share. Let's keep all comments "PG" rated. Thanks!


Hallo Josh,
this is to say conratulations for the good work you do especially through your books.
God bless you.

hello josh,

thank you, its great knowing that im not the only one fighting this bloody war... Thank you for the grace-filled approach. Godbless!

Hi Josh,

This is really great. Just yesterday, I've been dying to talk to someone about this topic. Thanks for posting it. I'm so glad that there's time today to browse through the web. God bless..

Thanks Josh, my teen son read your book on lust, and it helped a great deal to help him understand that sin, and how to use God's Word to help fight it.

Hey josh, I need help I've really been struggling with online lust.. I need help.. I have been praying about it but I keep falling back into it.. Please help

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