I'm a wordsmith and storyteller who helps clarify then amplify messages that matter. Follow me on Instagram
“I want to add to the beauty, to tell a better story.”

–Sara Groves

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I use Instagram to share what I’m learning about great storytelling as I run my marketing company in Vancouver, BC. Follow me and leave a comment on my latest post to say “hello.”

There’s nothing more frustrating than lacking the words or plan to effectively share your message. I help businesses and non-profit organizations find their voice and communicate their message.

In high school, I fell in love with words while publishing a magazine for teenagers. My first book was published when I was twenty-one and became a best-seller (for more about that journey, read this statement about my book). Later as a preacher I practiced translating ancient, often complex concepts into language people would understand and remember.

Then I shook up my life in a big way: I stepped away from leading a large church and moved to Vancouver, B.C., to attend graduate school. I studied a mind-expanding mixture of art, religion, history, culture, documentary film-making, and content marketing. Now I run my own marketing and brand strategy company, Clear & Loud, and use the power of story to help businesses connect with customers.

If you’re a business owner or leader struggling to get your message across, let’s talk.


1. StoryBrand Principles

Confusion in your message may be hurting your business more than you realize. I share how the key elements of every great story help you communicate better.

2. Strong Enough to Be Wrong

Every individual and organization gets things wrong. What if we stopped being afraid of “wrong” and embraced it as a powerful part of growth?

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Learn about my company,
Clear & Loud.

Most business owners have trouble talking about what they do, and they’re often too busy to think about a marketing strategy. I use the power of story to help them cut through confusion and connect with their customers.
For many years people have asked whether I still agree with my book I Kissed Dating Goodbye. In addition to this question, some readers have told me the book harmed them…

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