It’s time your
voice was heard.

Message-clarity coaching for
thought leaders and personal brands.

It’s time your
voice was heard.

Message-clarity coaching for thought leaders and personal brands.

Ready to clarify and share your message, but don’t know where to start?

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I can help if you are…

A leader whose words and ideas influence others

A current or aspiring author or speaker

An artist who needs to be more clear and strategic

In a career transition and need clarity about your new focus

Wanting to disrupt an industry or field with new ideas

Shifting in your beliefs and need to reinterpret your life story

Find your voice
at the intersection
of your story, passion,
and pain.

It’s a special kind of agony

to have a message bottled up inside. You want to share it, but you don’t know how to express it or where to start.

I’m a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and marketing strategist. My words and speeches have reached millions. In my coaching, I help message-driven leaders whose stories and ideas have the power to reshape industry, religion, and culture.

I want to help you clarify your message, then spread it to the world.

Too many revolutionary ideas are lost because people don’t know how to talk about and share them. Don’t let that happen to your idea.

“I’m not just a business owner, I want to reshape the way the apparel industry and the world thinks about sustainability and recycling. Josh’s coaching has helped me make my message easier to understand so I can make a bigger impact.”

AMELIA ELIETER, Co-founder of Debrand, Thought-leader in reverse logistics

I’ll help you…

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Own Your Story

  • Unpacking and owning your story is the first step to clarifying your message. I’ll coach you to not only look back for insight but also forward—defining the mark you want to make with your life and crafting a defined plan.
Find Your Voice

  • You aren’t like everyone else. Your experience, your passions, and even your heartache shape your unique way of communicating. I’ll help you find and feel confident about your voice 
Focus Your Audience

  • It’s essential to think about your audience, their journey, and how you want to engage and influence them. I’ll coach you in creating a story-driven messaging strategy.  
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Express Your Message

  • Whatever your communication vehicle—a TED Talk, a website, a book, or social media—you need coaching on being clear and consistent with your message  
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Build Your Platform

  • Too many people try to do everything and end up doing nothing. I’ll coach you to choose the message platform and strategy that works both with your personality and your life.

What’s My Investment?

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What You’ll Get

8 dynamic live-coaching sessions

Each session 90 minutes in an intimate small group

Lesson plans and clear curriculum

Compelling supplemental videos

Access to private Slack Channel

1-year subscription to Business Made Simple University

“I coach high-powered executives and entrepreneurs. But when it came to sharpening my own core message, I needed someone to coach me. Josh helped me think carefully about my message and audience as I launched my book and personal brand. It was more than worth the investment.”

NICK KENNEDY, Founder Rise Airlines, author of “The Good Entrepreneur”

Session by Session Breakdown

Coaching Program

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1. Write Your Obituary

We'll start at the end of your life and define what you want to accomplish.

2. Defining Moments

Together we'll identify 2 - 3 key moments in your journey that shape your message.

3. Communication Style

We'll examine how your Enneagram number informs your communication style.

4. Brand Voice

We'll learn the classic story archetypes and define your personal brand's character and voice.

5. Story Framework

We'll study a powerful story framework that helps you understand and define your audience.
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6. Be The Guide

We'll gain confidence to speak and use our story and experience to help others.

7. Find Your People

I'll train you to research, find, and strategically speak to the people best suited to receive your message.

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8. Pick Your Bullhorn

We'll create a clear plan for choosing the best platform and tools for communicating.

Ready to clarify and share your message, but don’t know where to start?

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