Clear & Loud Podcast with Josh Harris

The 7 Traits that Drive Work Behaviour ...
Ever feel like you're flying blind when it comes to hiring? Ever agonized over the time and money wasted by hi





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March 22, 2023
You Can Write Your Story (with Allison ...
Allison Fallon is an award winning author, sought after public speaker, and nationally recognized writing coach. S

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February 22, 2023
The Web 3 Professor (with Jarrett Vaugh...
Jarrett is an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business. Ten years after h

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Twitter: @JarrettVaughan & @TheWeb3Prof

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January 21, 2023
Is Planning a Vacation More Fun than Ta...
Dutch researchers found in 2010 that planning a trip makes people happier than actually taking it. Conner Galway

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November 21, 2022
The Power of Whimsy and Dinner Parties ...
When Maacah Davis launched Belladonna Magazine it was the first black woman-owned print fashion publication. She d...
September 26, 2022
The Branding Wizard Lululemon Trusts (w...
Amanda Lee Smith runs Monday Creative, a Vancouver-based branding and content marketing agency that serves world-c...
September 01, 2022
A Salon Owner's Insight on Building a H...
A healthy company culture can make or break your company. So how do you build one? Today on the show we’re


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August 17, 2022
Enneagram Insights for Better Leadershi...
In this episode, executive coach and a triple-certified Enneagram teacher, Vanessa Fernandez, walks through all
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July 19, 2022
The Poster Boy of Side Hustles (with St...
Steve Benjamins doesn’t like the title entrepreneur, but since he was 13-years-old, he has been starting busines is a site that lists all his different endeavors

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July 04, 2022
GenZ Explains Web3, NFTs, and DAOs to a...
Okay, so this episode’s title isn’t technically correct—I’m not part of the “Baby Boom” generation, I
Civics Unplugged:
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June 23, 2022
Donald Miller’s Right-Hand Man is Spi...
Tim Schurrer spent almost a decade of his career as the right-hand man of Donald Miller. He helped launch two bran

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June 08, 2022
This “Artistpreneur” is Disrupting ...
Travis Atreo is an LA-based recording artist, producer, and artist coach with over 270M streams on Spotify alone, an equity crowdfunding platform for creatives. Fanded allows superfans to invest and share in the journey of a project with their favorite artist, authors, filmmakers, and more.

What's the big idea you'd most like to discuss on the podcast?

My story of being an independent artist for the past 16 yrs and how that’s led me to create a tech startup aimed at completely updating the music, entertainment and creative industry.

For more information visit:
Travis Atreo Instagram
Fanded Instagram

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May 17, 2022
The Good Entrepreneur (with Nick Kenned...
Nick Kennedy believes that being successful in business isn't about conquering the world—it's about conquering y

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May 02, 2022
Deconstructing Diet Culture (with Erin ...
Erin Power is not your typical health coach. She thinks the bathroom scale is too often a tool of ignorance. She

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April 19, 2022
Everyone and Their Mother Has an App Id...
Have an idea for an app? Should you develop it? Logan Fields makes his living building apps and his answer is no...
April 05, 2022
Trailer: Clear & Loud with Josh Harris
A clear message shared courageously can change the world. Josh Harris hosts a show about the ideas, stories, and v...
March 01, 2022