I bring my trophies and my scars to my work as a coach. It’s not just my victories that make me effective; it’s also the lessons I’ve learned from my mistakes and heartache.

My books have sold more than 2 million copies in dozens of languages. And I’ve also unpublished books when I realized they harmed people.

I’ve led a staff of 50 people in a megachurch. And I’ve experienced the relational pain caused by organizational dysfunction.

I’ve built a following of hundreds of thousands on social media. And I’ve also experienced the downside of that attention when I publicly deconstructed long-held religious beliefs.

Through it all, I’ve learned the power of living an authentic story and of claiming your voice. My personal mission is to help people whose voices have been stifled. I want to help them share their message with the world.

My Experience

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Best-Selling Author

I’ve written six books that have sold more than 2 million copies and been translated into dozens of languages.
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TEDx Speaker

I’ve spoken to live audiences of tens of thousands around the world, and my TEDx Talk has more than 220,000 views.
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StoryBrand Guide

I’m certified in Don Miller’s story-based framework that has taken the marketing world by storm.
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I wrote and co-produced a crowd-funded, award-winning documentary now streaming on Amazon Prime and YouTube.


I founded Clear & Loud, a marketing and brand strategy company, and I understand the challenges of running a business.

Media Voice

I’ve been interviewed by Bill Maher, Axios on HBO, and I’ve been featured in the Washington Post and numerous other media outlets.
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Social Influencer

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube I’ve built an audience of more than 175,000 people.
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My 17 years as a pastor taught me to listen, draw people out, and guide them toward lives
of meaning.
“I have a powerful message of freedom for women. Josh guided me through my many ideas, providing space to purposefully reflect my questions and doubts with him. He helped me clarify my message and to let it finally shine!”

MAGDALENA NAGEL Mindset Coach for women

I Love to Help

Thought Leaders



Personal Brands

Modern-Day Prophets


Non-Profit Directors

Social Media Creators


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