Session by Session Breakdown

Coaching Program

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1. Write Your Obituary

We’ll start at the end of your life and define what you want to accomplish.

2. Defining Moments

Together we’ll identify 2 – 3 key moments in your journey that shape your message.

3. Your Communication Style

We’ll examine how your Enneagram number informs your communication style.

4. Your Personal Brand Voice

We’ll learn the classic story archetypes and define your personal brand’s character and voice.

5. Story Framework

We’ll study a powerful story framework that helps you understand and define your audience.
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6. Becoming a Guide

We’ll gain confidence to speak and use our story and experience to help others.

7. Find Your People

I’ll train you to research, find, and strategically speak to the people best suited to receive your message.

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8. Pick Up Your Bullhorn

We’ll create a clear plan for choosing the best platform and tools for communicating.

Who I Work With

Thought Leaders



Personal Brands

Modern-Day Prophets


Non-Profit Directors

Social Media Creators