Josh Harris Isn’t a “Christian” Anymore. So what?

April 30, 2023

One thing I have come to appreciate are people who take the time to thoughtfully and critically engage with who and what they are encountering both online and in real life. I admit it’s a weird experience to “eavesdrop” on a conversation about yourself. Most of the time, I’d skip that opportunity. But Brian and Blake are thoughtful guys and I appreciated their perspective.  


Self-described as a “Post-Christian” show about brother-in-laws striving to bridge the gap between Christians and the rest of the world,” I hope you’ll take a moment to listen to these two kind, empathetic, and incisive thinkers. 


 A few highlights from their conversation include their reflections on:


  • The way that I chose to share about my departure from faith and the community’s response to my announcement. 
  • Brian and Blake’s own reflections on wrestling through their relationship to the formal church structure. 
  • The pressure of holding one person up as the ultimate example of embodied faith.
  • Many great thoughts on the cult of personality.
  • How the title ‘Christian’ might be limiting and how a group of people are choosing to move forward and embrace a reality without that identifier.
  • The difference between Christian by definition and those who live according to the way of Jesus.


To hear the rest of their conversation, go anywhere podcasts are hosted. You can access the show notes to this particular episode here: Ep. 53 – Joshua Harris Isn’t a “Christian” Anymore. So what? by Not Religious Podcast (