The Clubhouse App: All Things StoryBrand and Business Made Simple

Written by Joshua Harris

Want to know how old I am? I remember the first time someone told me about Google. And Facebook. And Instagram.

This might be the moment you’re first hearing about Clubhouse—the new drop-in audio chat social media app that is taking the world by storm. Right now it’s still in beta and is invitation only (and just for iPhones), but I have a feeling it’s going to join the ranks of the ubiquitous social media giants that we take for granted. In other words, in a few months, it’s going to seem silly that I’m even explaining what it is.

Screenshots of rooms to join on Clubhouse App
Screenshots of rooms to join on
Clubhouse App
Screenshot of an individual Clubhouse room
Screenshot of an individual
Clubhouse room
Clubhouse, very simply, is an app where people talk to each other in real-time. No typing, just old-fashioned conversation. You create a room with someone and invite others to join. Or you join a room already in progress. The people who start the room are moderaters and are on the stage—they have the mic. Everyone else is in the audience listening to them. Moderators on the stage can invite people up to talk. And if you’re in the audience you can raise your hand (virtually) to ask to join the conversation. Unlike other social media platforms that focus on imagery or that allow people to hide behind anonymous avatars, on Clubhouse it’s your voice in real-time talking to other real humans.

The most exciting part of Clubhouse, at least in these early days, is the opportunity it gives to meet and exchange ideas with people. It also gives you the chance to interact directly with people that you wouldn’t normally get to hear outside of mass media. The give and take, question and answer, and clash of viewpoints is invigorating.

How I’m Using Clubhouse

I’m using Clubhouse for both my personal interests (specifically talking about changing beliefs, faith and what it looks like to question and grow spiritually) as well as for my work in story-driven marketing and coaching for personal brands.

Every Friday at 11am PST I host a room called “All Things StoryBrand and Business Made Simple” where I interview fellow StoryBrand Guides and Business Made Simple Certified Coaches from around the world. My goal is to make the rooms as practical and helpful as possible. I ask my guests to bring concrete examples of how they have used the StoryBrand framework to grow their clients businesses. Then we invite people up on stage to ask questions.

How to Get on Clubhouse

To join Clubhouse you need an invite from a friend. Or you can go to the Clubhouse site download the app and get on the waitlist. If you happen to have a friend already on the app they can get you on sooner.

When you get onto Clubhouse follow me. My handle is @u. When you follow me (or anyone else) you’ll hear about the rooms they’re in or are hosting. I hope we’ll get to chat soon in the Clubhouse room.