I spent the first 40 years of my life promoting what I now see as narrow, controlling, fear-based religion. Today I’m an advocate for the freedom to change, grow, and walk away from systems and beliefs that no longer fit. I want to see religious and non-religious communities healthier.

Stepping outside of rigid religion, I’ve found there’s a lot of room for discovery. For hearing and telling new stories. For creating new things in business. And spotlighting people whose ideas can reshape the world.

What I’m up to now

  • I visited Maryland for the first time in six years and wrote this reflection.
  • I’m re-reading Falling Upward by Richard Rohr.
  • In addition to my normal podcast, I’m recording special bonus episodes with two of my best friends where we talk about parenting, business, and relationships after divorce.  

I founded Clear & Loud, a creative agency focused on story-driven content. My background in religion has given me an interesting vantage point to think about how longing for purpose and meaning shape human behavior.

A few times a year I coach a small cohort—authors, speakers, thought-leaders—to clarify their message and then understand and reach the right audience. This is my “message-incubator”—a place to find and help amplify world-changing ideas.